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Features and Functions

Kenmerken en Functies

LOGINventory7 vergeleken met Versie 6 en 5

Supported Platforms en APIs V7 V6 V5
Windows Server 2016 x x
Windows 8.1, 10 and Server 2012 R2 x x
Windows 7, 8, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 x x x
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, Vista x x x
SSH (Linux, MacOS, etc) x x
Microsoft Exchange Organization x x
Exchange ActiveSync Mobile Devices x x
VMware vSphere (ESXi, vCenter) per PowerCLI x
XenServer x
XenApp v5/6/7 x
SNMP v1, v3 x x x
Printers: Page Counter, Toner/Ink Level, Notifications x x x
Routers, Switches: Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) x x x
All SNMP devices: Host-MIB, Entity-MIB x x x
Switches: Bridge MIB x x x
Software Asset Management (SAM) V7 V6 V5
Management of (grouped) Software Packages x x x
Management of Published Applications (Terminal Servers) x x
Management SWID Tag Products, App-V Packages, XenApps x
Management of Modern Apps and Fonts x
Management of Physical and Virtual Operating Systems x
Custom Properties for Licenses and Products x
Management of License Documents x x x
Management of License Acquisitions and License Retirements x x x
Management of Maintenance Agreements x x x
Management of CALs x x
Metric: per Asset, per Installation x x x
Metric: per User, multiple user rights x x
Metric: per CPU incl. Minimum Values x
Metric: per Core incl. Minimum Values x
Hierarchical Structure x x
Consideration of Upgrade and Downgrade x x
Detection of Crossgrades x
Integration of Usage Data: Consumed vs. Used Licenses x x
Comparison: Available vs. Consumed Licenses x x x
Algemeen V7 V6 V5
User details from Active Directory (incl. Picture) x
User details from Active Directory (incl. recursive group membership) x x
Computer details from Active Directory x x
Evaluations in Management Center + Webinterface x x x
Supported LOGINventory databases: MS-SQL, Oracle x x x
Supported LOGINventory databases: MS-JET, MySQL, PostgreSQL x
Scanner GUI (LOGINquiry) with workflow engine und scan service x x
Scan of XenApp by AD group membership x
Scan based on OUs from Active Directory x x
Scan based on sites/subnets from Active Directory x x
Scan based on defined IP-ranges or lists x x x
Discovery of mobile devices via Exchange ActiveSync x x
Agent-less operation x x x
Inventory of Windows computers via WMI, remote registry, RPC, scripts x x x
Task planner for scan jobs and database update jobs x x x
Custom properties (dynamic or constant) x x x
Custom WMI queries x x x
Custom OID queries x x x
64-bit application x x
32-bit application x x x
Enterprise Kenmerken V7 V6 V5
Automatic Linking of VM-Guests with their Hyper-V, ESXi or XenServer Host x
Complex queries like: Examination on which computers one ore more software packages are installed AND one or more software packages are NOT installed x
Portable version: start from a network share without installation x
Windows offline agent for laptops or DMZ servers outside the LAN x
User account anonymization x x
Exchange organization report: mailboxes, use of Enterprise Features x
Exchange organization report: editions, roles, databases x x
Asset identification via fingerprint x x
Role-based access control x x
PowerShell interface x x x
Hierarchical filters for custom queries x x x
Symbolic linking to multiple use of query structures x
Microsoft volume license activation status x x x
Graphical dashboard x x x
Systeem Informatie V7 V6 V5
Windows assessment rating x x
Security status of Windows PCs: Antivirus, AntiSpyware, Autoupdate, Firewall, Internet, … x x
Existing fonts (optional, off by default) x x
Running processes (optional, off by default) x x
Scheduled tasks x x
Domain roles: (PDC, BDC, Server, PC, standalone server, standalone PC) x x
Installed roles and features (Windows Vista / 2008 and later) x x
Shares: permission analysis x x
Shares: name, path, type x x x
Services: name, start mode, status, account, path x x x
Operating System: name, version, service pack, installation date x x x
System runtime (last boot) x x x
Local group members: Administrators x x x
Status of existing virtual machines (Hyper-V, ESX) x x x
Status of existing virtual machines (XenServer) x
Gebruiker Specifieke Instellingen V7 V6 V5
Internet: proxy, proxy exceptions, configuration URL x x
Offline folders x x
Last identified local user x x
Locally logged-on user x x x
Remotely logged-on users x x x
Connected network shares x x x
Connected printers x x x
Hardware Inventory V7 V6 V5
Expansion slots: type, hotplug, status, data bus size, electric tension x x
Trusted platform Modules: manufacturer, version, status x x
HP RAID controllers and its physical and logic drives x x
BIOS settings to boot process x x
Memory modules: existing and reserved slots, maximum capacity x x
Memory modules: installed and available capacity x x x
Distinction of virtual and physical machines x x x
PC summary: processor, motherboard, graphic- & soundcards, drives, network cards, printers, USB devices, storage controllers x x x
Monitors: name, model, manufacturer, manufacturing week, serial number x x x
Partitions: name, path, file system, size, free space, status, encryption x x x
Drives with S.M.A.R.T. data x x
Drive type: SSD or HDD x
Bios OEM license key (Windows) x
Current virtual host of VMs x
Device information: manufacturer, model name, serial number, manufacturing date x x x
Software Inventory V7 V6 V5
Software usage via Windows Explorer statistics and via LOGINuse agent x x
Software packages installed in a user context x x
List of installed modern Windows apps x x
List of published applications (terminal servers) x x
List of published XenApps x
List of installed APP-V packages x
List of installed products with IEC/ISO 19770-2:2009 SWID tags x
List of installed software packages and hotfixes x x x
Discovery of license keys from Windows software packages x x x
Reliable discovery of MS Exchange Server Editions, roles and service packs x x
Reliable discovery of MS Exchange Server 2016 Edition, rolls and service packs x
Reliable discovery of MS Visual Studio Editions, versions and service packs x
Reliable discovery of MS SQL Server Editions and service packs x x x
Reliable discovery of MS Internet Explorer x x
Reliable discovery of MS .Net Framework components x x x
Tools voor Rapporten, Tabellen en voor Data Export V7 V6 V5
Widgets to display and edit assigned information x
Easy creation of filtered queries x
Detection of assets out of license x x
Graphical network topology x x
Topology Export to Visio x
User definable actions: e.g. Remote Desktop, PuTTy, etc x x
LOGINventory Management Center x x
PowerShell interface x x x
Discovery of computers where a particular package or hotfix is not installed x x x
Printing of license report for compliance documentation x
Printing in MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, CSV, TXT, … x x x
Printing in HTML, Export to CSV x x x
Query designer x x x
Report designer x x
Change log: List of all inventory changes x x


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